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Paper A
Revision Course

The most up-to-date questions for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Paper A examination. Questions reviewed by your peers. Pass your exam with confidence!

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Paper B
Revision Course

Revise expertly chosen questions in line with the Royal College of Psychiatrists syllabus for the Paper B examination. Pass your penultimate exam with confidence!

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Revision Course

CASC training resources plus access to a platform that allows you to book practice sessions online with psychiatry trainees who have successfully completed the final Royal College of Psychiatrists exam! 

Why use Pass MRCPsych's online course?

Unique features mapped to your syllabus. 

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Your learning experience is designed to help you understand complex material, not just memorise.

Access MRCPsych questions and course materials that are impactful and leverage success.

Discover the difference an MRCPsych mentor can make in your exam prep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the vast sea of MRCPsych exam resources, PassMRCPsych.com stands out distinctly. Our revision notes are meticulously aligned with the RCPsych syllabus, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Proudly boasting the largest question bank in the field, we also have the unique advantage of being the only platform accessible both online and via a dedicated mobile app. While many competitors may offer outdated revision notes and questions that don’t truly mirror the real exam, our up-to-date resources combined with our competitive pricing set us apart as the premier choice for aspirants. Dive into a superior preparation experience with us.

Absolutely! Our questions are curated by experienced consultant psychiatrists and trainees who have recently passed their exams. This allows us to present questions in strict alignment with the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ syllabus. Using data metric analysis mirroring the College’s methods, we filter out questions that are unlikely to appear in the exam, ensuring your study time is effectively utilized.

Certainly! Given the tendency of the exam to touch upon topics from prior papers, we’ve ensured that our database encompasses questions that closely mirror those themes. This way, our users receive comprehensive exposure, preparing them thoroughly for the exam ahead.

Starting 2015, Papers A and B replaced the former papers 1, 2, and 3, indicating a significant shift in the curriculum. Solely relying on older papers could mean missing out on crucial syllabus segments. At PassMRCPsych, we have seamlessly integrated content relevant to the new paper format, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

At PassMRCPsych, while we provide the flexibility for candidates to approach questions either by category or at random, we advocate for the random approach. This method mirrors the real exam’s unpredictability and ensures no unintentional cues from category titles. Furthermore, for a holistic preparation strategy, we encourage you to delve into our extensive blogs. These resources offer invaluable insights and coaching on how to adeptly navigate and succeed in the exams. Tailored strategies and guidance, courtesy of our MRCPsych mentor and experts

Our platform is user-friendly and can be accessed both online and via our dedicated mobile app. Simply log in with your credentials to start.

To ensure relevance and accuracy, our team diligently updates both revision notes and questions twice a year, aligning with the most recent exam syllabus and patterns.

Our platform is designed to be responsive across all desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for maximum accessibility.

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"I was struggling with my MRCPsych exams until I stumbled upon this website and app. The concise and comprehensive study material helped me pass with flying colours!"
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Freya Sze
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"This website is a game-changer! The practice questions and mock exams gave me the confidence I needed to ace my MRCPsych exams. It was like having an MRCPsych mentor"
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