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Essential Guide to MRCPsych Exams Dates 2024

The MRCPsych exams are a pivotal step in the journey of psychiatric training, marking a significant milestone for trainees in the field. As we enter 2024, it’s crucial for candidates to stay informed about the key dates and details of these exams, including Paper A, Paper B, and the Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC). This guide serves as an essential resource, providing comprehensive information about the examination schedule, application procedures, and fee structure. Staying updated with this information is vital for successful planning and preparation. For the most accurate and current details, candidates should regularly consult the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website.

MRCPsych Paper A Exam Dates and Details

For the MRCPsych Paper A exams in 2024, there are three key dates for candidates to note. The first diet is on April 10, with applications due between January 29 and February 9. The second diet takes place on July 11, with the application period from May 6 to May 17. The third and final diet for the year is scheduled for November 13, with applications accepted from August 27 to September 6. Results for these exams are expected to be published on May 10, August 16, and December 18, respectively. It’s important for candidates to submit their applications by 3.30pm UK time on the final day of the application period.

DietDate of ExaminationApplication PeriodPublication of Results
1April 10, 2024January 29 – February 9, 2024May 10, 2024
2July 11, 2024May 6 – May 17, 2024August 16, 2024
3November 13, 2024August 27 – September 6, 2024December 18, 2024
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MRCPsych Paper B Exam Dates and Details

The MRCPsych Paper B exams in 2024 are scheduled across three separate diets, offering candidates multiple opportunities to sit for the exam. The first diet is set for March 13, followed by the second diet on June 13, and the third diet on October 9. It is essential for candidates to adhere to the specific application periods for each diet and ensure their applications are submitted by the final deadline of 3.30pm UK time. The results for each diet are also scheduled for release on specific dates, providing clarity and structure for candidates planning their exam preparation.

DietDate of ExaminationApplication PeriodPublication of Results
1March 13, 2024January 8 – January 19, 2024April 19, 2024
2June 13, 2024April 8 – April 22, 2024July 19, 2024
3October 9, 2024July 29 – August 9, 2024November 15, 2024

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CASC Exam Dates and Details

For the CASC exam in 2024, two main diets are scheduled: one from January 22-26 and another from September 16-20. Additionally, there’s a special session in Singapore from June 4-6. The application periods for these exams are October 30 to November 13, 2023, for the January diet, June 3-14, 2024, for the September diet, and February 19-26, 2024, for the Singapore session. The publication of results is set for February 23, 2024, for the January diet and June 28, 2024, for the Singapore session, with the September diet’s results to be confirmed. Candidates should submit their applications by 3.30pm UK time on the last date of the respective application period. For more detailed information, please visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website.

DietDate of ExaminationApplication PeriodPublication of Results
122 – 26 Jan 202430 Oct – 13 Nov 202323 Feb 2024
216 – 20 Sep 20243 Jun – 14 Jun 2024To be confirmed
Singapore4 – 6 Jun 202419 Feb – 26 Feb 202428 Jun 2024

Examination Fees and Payment Information

The MRCPsych exams have specific fee structures for 2024. Pre-Membership Psychiatric Trainees (PMPT) and affiliates of the College are eligible for discounted rates. For PMPT Trainees and Affiliates, the fees are £551 for Paper A, £496 for Paper B, and £1,096 for CASC. Non-PMPT Trainees and Affiliates are charged £612 for Paper A, £550 for Paper B, and £1,218 for CASC.

Payment can be made via Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards during the application process. After completing the application, candidates will receive an automatic Netbanx receipt and an acknowledgment email. For those requiring an additional receipt, the process involves emailing the examinations department. Additionally, trainees who sat for the exams might be eligible to claim tax back, and the College provides necessary documentation for rebate purposes. For more detailed information, please visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website.

Additional Information and Contact Details

For additional information regarding the MRCPsych exams, candidates can reach out directly to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The examinations team can provide guidance on various aspects of the exam process, from application submission to result queries. Contact details, including email addresses and phone numbers, are available on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website. For the most current and comprehensive information, it is advisable to refer to their official website: Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website.

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