CASC AI Simulator

CASC AI simulator

Dozens of patients

A Vast Library that matches your curriculum

A collection of patients that act and behave in highly realistic manners. Every case has been chosen to match scenarios from CASC examinations.

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AI Patients & speech-to-speech technology

Artificial Intelligence

Patients will talk back to you simulating a real CASC station! Practice your communication skills and ensure that you are highly prepared for your exam.

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AI Assessments

Personalised Assessment Report

Artificial intelligence will evaluate your pre- and post-brief answers and assess your simulation transcript against RCPsych scoring criteria.

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Choose Your Suitable Package For CASC AI Simulator

3 Months Membership

£49 for 3 months

You will be onboarded and provided access within 24 hours

A Pioneering First For Psychiatric Education

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